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Caterina Barbieri launches her new label platform light-years with the single release of “Knot of Spirit” featuring vocals by American artist Lyra Pramuk. The track functions like a statement of intent from the Italian composer and musician as she gestures towards the kind of enchanted and transmutational music-worlds that she will welcome onto the light-years label.

With a title evoking a metaphysical state of unresolved tension and enigma, “Knot of Spirit” blends synth and vocals into a sonic vertigo which oscillates alluringly between the mystical and the hallucinatory. Barbieri’s whirling, haunting synth patterns interweave with Pramuk’s other-worldly vocals into mirages of transcendence: time accelerates and decelerates in a trancelike spiral that erases any distinction between the inner and the outer worlds.

Barbieri pairs the single with a surreal oil painting by Russian artist Dasha Kuznetsova. The artwork seems to emanate from that same subconscious underworld of spontaneous and unmediated emotionality which Barbieri can uniquely conjure at the heights of her musical powers. This is a work of catharsis, a dark descent into the ineffable with an explosive, poignant and uncontrolled finale, “Knot of Spirit” is an erratic journey of impassioned endurance with the handbrakes off.


Oil Painting by Dasha Kuznetsova
Hand embroidery lettering by Tulpess
Video animation by Davide Busnelli.